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Mari Uta Doki! and downloads!!

Mari on Uta Doki! #86

Mari performs Valentine Kiss by Kokusho Sayuri.
Free Image Hosting at

You can get the last three of Mari's Uta Doki! performances: click here! *Not including this one*. You have to be a member of JPM forum to enter there though. And those are YSI links, so grab them fast.

If anyone has trouble getting them, tell me and I'll upload them here instead. =)

Torrent link: here!
And for more screenshots, click here!


http:/// has put up new downloads! And two of them being:

Chichin Puipui (2004-10-01) - Yaguchi, Takahashi, Kamei
EcoMoni & Yaguchi Mari - Ai Chikyuu Minnano Chikara de (2005-11-03)

and lots of other stuff too.
He even uploaded a dance practice of Do It! Now. Mari's always super-hot in the Do It! Now choreography.
Definitely downloading these, and to those kind-hearted souls out there, don't forget to donate to his site after downloading. =)
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